Right to Work Tribal Identification Card + Religious Affidavit Protesting Use of SSN


Aren’t you tired of not having a 2nd form of identification when using your Enhanced Moorish National Identification Card as a tribal document when trying to get a job or for any other purpose that calls for a 2nd form of identification? Well, those days have come to a screeching
hault. Now, Moors can present a 2nd form of identification with their Moorish i.d. and afirm their right to work and make a living, as doing such is integrally part and parcel to the guaranteed and secured right of “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”. Not only that, a Religious Affidavit
Protesting Use of the SSN for Employment is included with the purchase of this card.



Somewhere along the very crooked line, “we the people”, have allowed our servants to convince us that working/making a living is a granted/quazi – licensed privilege, when in fact, it is a right and commandment mandated by the Most High. That is why we decided to design the American
National Right to Work Tribal Identification Card. For far too long, Moors have been denied the right to make a living to support their families due to the fact that they refuse to use the mark of the beast – social security number, as it goes against their religious beliefs. These employers fail to realize that the Department of Homeland Security does not have the lawful authority to determine whether or not the Aboriginal Indigenes
of North America have a “privilege” to work in what they deem as the “United States”. This notion is nothing short of ABSURD! We as Moors, by jus sanguinis and jus soli, pre-exist the colonial United States and IT’S subsidiary corporations that are doing business here at North America. Furthermore, our national identification cards and national documents are acceptable forms of identification for procuring a job.
Unfortunately, sometimes these employers have to be reminded that rights always trump corporate policies dressed up as law, ALL THE TIME. Not only that, the International community has already addressed the fact that the right to work is a human right, especially when it comes to Indigenous Peoples. These employers and the corporations they operate have no lawful authority to violate the human rights of the
Aboriginal Indigenes of the Americas.

The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Article 17 §1 and §3 states:

Section 1: Indigenous individuals and peoples have the right to enjoy fully all rights established under applicable international and domestic labour law.

Section 3: Indigenous individuals have the right not to be subjected to any discriminatory conditions of labour and, interalia, employment or salary.