Moorish Nationality Card Services

Moorish Nationality Card Services is a Private Religious Document Service Provider, protected by Article 1 §7 of the Ohio Constitution and Bill of Rights Article 1 of the American constitution, and is in the trust of a Moorish missionary, for the benefit of Moors solely. We do not offer our religious document services to anyone else. We’ve been the leading Moorish national identification card service provider since 2014. We started out just creating a few cards for some Moors who are members of the Moorish Science Temple of America. They were so impressed by the craftsmanship of the Moorish national identification card we’d created for our Trustee, that they just had to have themselves a Moorish nationality card. Once those Moors finally had those Moorish nationality cards placed in their hands, they insisted that our Trustee make it a service that could be provided to Moors all over the world. Our Trustee took heed to those words of wisdom, and here we are today, Moorish Nationality Card Services. We plan on being the world’s leading Moorish National Identification Card Service Provider for the long haul. Stay tuned, Moors!

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