What is a Moorish Nationality Card?

There are millions of people in the so-called United States. This means they unfortunately can’t get certain services rendered to them without having an identification card. As a matter of common law and morality, they should be able to get what they need without an id card. This leads to us being contacted by many who ask “What is a Moorish nationality card?”.

To answer the question, what is a Moorish nationality card, it is a national identification card for the Aboriginal – Indigenous Moors of North, Central, South America and the adjoining islands. We are specifically referring to the men and women who have been subjugated to the Doctrine of Discovery, commercially branded as negro, black, colored, African American, Hispanic/Latino, etc. At its most basic function, the Moorish nationality card is simply an identification card. Black’s Law Dictionary 4th Edition defines identification as:

Proof of identity; the proving that a person, subject, or article before the courts the very same that he or it is alleged, charged, or reputed to be; as where a witness recognizes the prisoner at the bar as the same person whom he saw committing the crime; or where and writing, stolen goods, counterfeit coin, etc., are recognized as the same which once passed under the observation of the person identifying them. Hall v. Cotton, 167 Ky. 464, 180 S.W. 779, 781, L.R.A.1916C, 1124.

Outside of being used for identification purposes, the Moorish nationality card affirms the bearer’s social and political status; declaring and proclaiming re-attachment to the human family and the constitutional fold of government via their Moorish nationality.

What is a Moorish ID Card Compared to a State ID and/or Driver’s License?

The Moorish ID is different from the state id and/or driver’s license in quite a few ways but, for the sake of time, we’ll list a few.

  1. The Moorish ID is a national identification card. It displays one’s national descent name. The state id and/or driver’s license does not.
  2. With the Moorish id card, you are the issuing authority, as it was created under your commission. It is your property while the state id and/or driver’s license is its issuing authority’s property. The principles are very similar to how the library card works with their library card.
  3. The Moorish id shows you are attached to an organic free national people with an ancient national-descent name, while the state id and/or driver’s license shows you are a member of a corporation that operates in a quazi-national fashion.
  4. By having a Moorish ID, you don’t waive any rights secured to you by the constitution and the treaties. When it comes to the state id and/or driver’s license, you are always waiving constitution and treaty secured rights.
  5. By your name being in ALL CAPS on the state id and/or driver’s license, at law, it signifies a dead corporate entity, a legal fiction called an artificial person. The Moorish id represents an organic man/woman, in full life. This is quite the opposite of the state-issued id.

Is the Moorish ID Card Accepted Everywhere like the State ID?

In all honesty, we can’t answer that question for you. It should be accepted everywhere. What we can say is that Moors have been indiscriminately deprived of services due to their Moorish nationality card not being accepted. Some have even allowed their egos to get the best of them, thusly, getting themselves in trouble with the Municipal Corporation Policy Enforcers, i.e. police. Strangely enough, we’ve also heard of Federally Recognized Native Americans having issues with their tribal id cards being accepted.

But on the flip side, on the more positive side, we’ve also heard of Moors having several positive experiences while using their Moorish id cards. Our Chief Content Creator and Trustee, JudahSon, has traveled by Greyhound Bus and Amtrak Train, having to produce his Moorish id card for those services. He used the Moorish national identification card to procure library cards for his children, rent properties in 2 different states, open bank accounts, and even received funds via Walmart to Walmart Funds Transfers. This can be verified in the below video.

Not only that, you can find all types of videos online with Moors showing how they’ve traveled by plane.

What Does One Cost these Days?

That honestly depends on the nationality card service provider you choose. If you want a quality Moorish national id card that meets the REAL I.D. ACT criterion, then we would have to, of course, suggest ourselves Moorish Nationality Card Services. The Moorish American national ID we produce for Moors is $100 +$5.25 (s+h). When you see the Moorish national identification card, you will see it is well worth the price.

“What is a Moorish Nationality Card”, you ask. This is it. This is the best Moorish national id card out there. This is what a real Moorish National Identification Card looks like
“What is a Moorish Nationality Card”, you ask. This is it. This is the best Moorish national id card out there. This is what a real Moorish National Identification Card looks like

Is Moorish Nationality Card Services Connected to the Moorish Science Temple of America?

No, we are not in any way connected with the Moorish Science Temple of America. For what it is worth, we have been commissioned by members of the MSTA to produce Allodial Aboriginal American National ID cards for their personal use.

What is the Difference Between the Card Issued by the Moorish Science Temple of America and the Allodial Aborignal American National ID you make?

The nationality card issued by the MSTA is more of a membership card. Respectfully, it is similar to carrying a Boyscouts of America membership card or a membership card to a Moorish Rite Masonic Lodge. The allodial id card made by us is specifically created for the usage in everyday life; boarding public transportation, banking, housing, etc. For a more detailed answer, read this article and/or watch the video below.

Who is Moorish Nationality Card Services?

Simply put, Moorish Nationality Card Services is an independent-private contractor. We contract our services out to different governmental bodies, schools, study groups and Moorish individuals.

How is Moorish Nationality Card Services Different from the Bureau/Department of Motor Vehicles?

Moorish Nationality Card Services has never claimed to be a government entity. We are commissioned and contracted by government bodies for our services. Those who commission us to produce the Moorish nationality cards for them are the issuing authorities. The Bureau/Department of Motor Vehicles operates exactly the same except they present themselves as being government when they-are-not. They are just a private contractor with the corporate “STATE OFs”. Watch this video for proof.


Then look at the image below and make your own conclusion.

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