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What is a Moor Exactly?

If left up to the likes such as the Southern Poverty Law Center and/or the Anti Defamation League, et al; you’d think Moors were some “black Muslim”, “anti-government”, “anti-Semitic”, law and order hating “sovereign citizens” who think they aren’t subject to any laws. In fact, it seems they and their cohorts get more say so on what a Moor is more than we actual Moors do. But since we Moors have yet to shut our mouths, it still leaves this question on the minds of many; “What is a Moor exactly?”.

Will the REAL Moors Please Stand Up?

Contrary to a colonizer’s popularized-propagandized context on what a Moors is, a Moor is not just an Arab-Berber mixed. He isn’t the guy running the corner store, selling filtered-tip Black & Milds. The world would love for you to think that. But by being a Moor, I, JudahSon, have knowledge on what is a Moor exactly more than any article that could be written up by a National Geographic or a Southern Poverty Law Center yellow “journalist”.

Are All Moors Moorish American?

No, all Moors are not Moorish American. This is because not all Moors are born in America. A Moorish American is Moorish American because a Moorish American is a “descendant of Moroccans and born in America.”. Some Moors, such as the Moros, the aboriginal people of the so-called Philippines, now colonially known as Filipinos, are Moors. And yet, they aren’t Moorish Americans.

What About 2nd Generation Moroccan Americans?

That is actually a great question. It is also something I’ve addressed in the past. I ended up being the “bad guy” because some 2nd generation Moroccan Americans didn’t like my answer to this same question. A lot of Moorish Americans and some Moroccan Americans like to fall back on a Moorish American being a Moorish American because he/she is a “descendant of Moroccans and born in America.”.

Moorish American only applies to those who have been branded negro, black, colored, African American, Latino/Hispanic, Jamaican, Haitian, Trinidadian, etc: the descendants of the Aboriginal-Indigenous peoples of North, Central, South America and the adjoining islands. A second generation Moroccan American is a Moroccan American. On top of that, just because they are Moroccan by nationality (citizenship), not bloodline, it doesn’t make them a Moor. After all, the Kingdom of Morocco and its dominions have been ransacked by invaders who’ve been there so long that they’ve become de facto “Moors”.

Are Moors Anti Government?

That would make us savages and undesirables if we were to be anti-government. To say Moors are anti-government is in fact slander. A good public record search would show you that people with El and Bey annexed to their surnames have been partaking in the political process for many years. Some of these Els and Beys have even run for public office. A lot of the time when you hear of Moors being anti-government, the media and the court corporations are referring to those Moors who are holding them accountable according to constitution and treaty law principles. So to keep the attention off of the court corporations’ anti-constitution/treaty misprisions of law, they weaponize local and national media outlets against Moors.

Are Moors “Anti-Semitic”?

Those who have been branded negro, black, colored, and African American at the United States of America corporation, who know without “doubt or contradiction” that they are the ancient Khemites and Shemites; the Moabites, the Ammonites, the Yisraelites (12 tribes of YisraEl /Yasharhla), the Ismaelites, et al. Moors cannot be “anti-Semetic”. We would be anti ourselves. In fact, if we Moors were so “anti-Semetic”, we wouldn’t call ourselves “Moors”. We even give our progeny Shemitic names. Alot of us follow 1 of the 3 Abrahamic faiths; the Hebrew Faith and Islam. For us to be anti-Semitic, we would also have to dislike Arab people. On top of all of that, our creed is Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice. So to answer the question, no, Moors are not “anti-Semitic”.

If Moors are “Anti-Semitic”, why Would We Call Ourselves “Moors”?

Simply put, the term Moor is in fact “Shemitic”. Though “they”, the Conquistadores (conquestors) have done their best to hide it, they can’t fool us when the question, “what is a Moor exactly?” arises.

How Do You Know the Term, “Moor” is Shemitic (Semitic) in Origin?

This video will answer the question when someone asks “What is a Moor exactly?”.


As can be seen in the above video, the word “Moor” is a linguistic transposition of “Maur”. Despite what many may erroneously think, the term, “Maur”, is not a Greek/Grecian, nor a Roman word. “Maur” (מָאוֹר) can be found in Hebrew, Canaanite, Moabite, Amorite, Hittite, etc. Those tongues specifically fall under the Hamo and/or Hamo-Semitic language families. The term Hamo is in reference to Kham (Ham), the Youngest son of Nakh (Noah). This is where you get the ancient free national name, Hamite/Khemite. Another term for these specific language families would be “Afro-Asiatic”, which are without doubt or contradiction Moorish languages

This is an image of the word "Moor" in its original spelling. Semitic languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic, etc.; all spell from right to left. Therefore, the spelling goes: Miym(M)-Alef(A)-wa(W/U)-resh(R), which spells "MAUR".

This above image is of the word “Moor” in its original spelling. Semitic languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic, etc.; all read, write and spell from right to left. Therefore, the spelling goes: Miym(M)-Alef(A)-Wa(W/U)-Resh(R), which spells “MAUR”. The word Moor predates any Greek and/Roman definitions. Especially when you consider the fact that the Greeks got their “alpha-bet” from the Ibriy alef-beyt. I discovered this while studying Moorish Hebrew. So when I recalled a video of the world renown Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannon going in on the “m-a-u-r” spelling, I had that “aha!” moment. Check that video out below.

Anyhow, what is a Moor exactly? What does Moor mean?

We can’t forget that the spelling M-O-O-R is a transliteration of what would be M-A-U-R, spelling maur. Now, that “maur” should stand out to many. Some of you reading this know someone named MauriceMaureenMaura, etc. A Maur (Moor) is “one of light”. In fact, the root word of Maur is the a-u-r (Moor), as in aur-ora. It means light, illumination. The “m” simply acts as a prefix.

Isn’t it strange that “an aurora, also known as polar lights, aurora polaris, northern lights, aurora borealis, or southern lights, aurora australis, is a natural light display in Earth’s sky, predominantly seen in high-latitude regions.”?

But, Doesn’t Moor mean “Black”?

No, not at all. This whole nonsense about Moor meaning “black” is coming from some convoluted Greek definition that those who love their slavery names love to fall back on so that they can continue to complain about slavery, yet identify themselves with names from slavery. By looking at the translational images below, you can easily see where the words aurora and aura originate etymologically, AND that Moor does not mean “black”.

The image below is the Hebrew translation for Moor, provided courtesy of Google Translate.

The image below is the Hebrew translation for Moor, provided courtesy of Google Translate.

What About the Latin Word “Maurus”?

In order to get you thinking, my response to that would be “What about the Latin word “niger”? How can “maurus” be Latin and mean “black” if the word nigeris Latin for black? Why is Maurus so similar to the Moorish Hebrew word “Maur” (מָאוֹר)? How is “Maurus” of Latin origins when the Latin alphabet is borrowed from the Greeks who got their alphabet from the Moorish Hebrews? In the Hebrew tongue you have “alef”, in Greek you have “alpha”. In the Hebrew language you have “beyt”, in Greek you have “beta”. In Hebrew you have “dalet”, in Greek you have “delta”. In Hebrew you have “gamal”, in Greek you have “gamma”. It is obvious where the Latin word “Maurus” comes from. It comes from Maurs (Moors), not some pale-skinned Roman or Greek.

What Does a Maur (Moor) Look Like in these Modern Times?

A Moor looks like they’ve always looked. In fact, check out the image below.

This is an image of Grand Sheik Taj Tarik Bey, a master teacher in the Moorish nation.


The next time someone asks you “What is a Moor exactly?”, save yourself some time and send them to this article. I was kind of in a rush when putting this article together. I’ll be sure to come back to add extra info and clean up what needs to be cleaned up. In the meantime, stop listening to those who aren’t Moors, trying to tell you what a Moor is, all while using biased sources. You wanna know what is a Moor exactly? I am a Maur, one of light.

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