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What Christians Know that Moors and Hebrew Israelites Do Not Pt.1

You’d be surprised at what you can find out with just a little bit of research, especially when it comes to organizations who were built upon resolving the social, economic and political issues of a specific disadvantaged group of people. People would be shocked to find out that the religious organizations/societies that they’re members of, though founded upon resolving the ills of a specific disadvantaged group of people, are in fact unable to actually assist that specific people on the social, economic and political levels due their tax status. Once one realizes what this actually means, one can then point out the issue and recognize why the leadership of certain organizations such as the “black” church and/or the Moorish Science Temple of America have not actually been able to address what we in the Moorish paradigm know and recognize as the “negro issue”.

What is this mysterious tax status that we speak of that keeps/locks these leaders out from addressing the issues that need to be addressed and resolved? We are speaking of the 501(c)(3) tax-exemption status. With the 501(c)(3) tax-exemption status, religious leaders are not allowed to use their post as an instrument of social, economic and political reform for a specific disadvantaged group of people.

This is why many religious leaders, specifically Christian religious leaders have formed what’s known as “Free Churches”. What is a free church? A free church is a common law religious organization/society that is established under the authority of their Divine creator INSTEAD of the the state. This act of alone puts the free churches and free Moorish Science Temples of America under a different tax status than those who have opted for the 501(c)(3). These free churches and free Moorish Science Temples of America are actually able to address the social, economic and political ills of a people. They can actual do some social reforming as Jesus/Prophet Yeshua/Prophet Noble Drew Ali was doing in their respective times.

In this video, JudahSon does his best to educate all who is viewing it on the legal ramifications/damnification of the 501(c)(3), further enlightening people on the 508(c)(1)(A) tax status, which does not abrogate any rights whatsoever.


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