We’ve Added a Necessary Security Feature

To be prepared for October 2021, which marks the beginning of the enforcement of the Real I.D. Act, Moorish Nationality Card Services has decided to add a new security feature. After all, security is the alleged focus of the Real I.D. Act. So, what is the new security feature we’re debuting? Ultraviolet security holograms.

When it comes to the benefits of ultraviolet (UV) security holograms, it is said:

“Features and Benefits of Security Holograms are designed to combat counterfeiting. Their unique optical properties to diffract light and create virtual 3D effects are impossible to copy using a scanner or photocopier. Holograms are a deterrent to counterfeiters.”

In relation to identification cards, UV security holograms are a security feature called “optically variable elements”. Optically variable elements are defined as: An element whose appearance in color and/or design changes dependent upon the angle of viewing or illumination, such as holograms or optical diffractive structures.

Though we’ve ALWAYS utilized holograms on the identification cards you’ve commissioned us to make in the past, we’ve decided to add UV security holograms to the proverbial arsenal. What you see below, is an ultraviolet image of the new security feature we’ve added.

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