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We WANT to Pay YOU $165!

In an effort to expand our brand, and combat Joe Biden’s inflation, we’ve decided to create an Affiliate Marketing Program for National Notice Record. Simply put, National Notice Record wants to pay you commission as one of their Affiliate Marketers.

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What is an Affiliate?

An affiliate can go by quite a few names these days. Depending on the brand, an affiliate can be known as a brand ambassador and/or influencer. No matter the title, an affiliate’s job is to market a company’s product, and influence people to purchase the product they’re marketing in order to be rewarded a commission. This is what National Notice Record wants to pay you to do.

What is an Affiliate Marketing Program?

An affiliate marketing program is a performance-based system that is setup to pay affiliates a set commission-rate for the sales that are a direct result of the affiliate’s marketing stratagem.

How do Affiliates get sales?

To be honest, an Affiliate is an affiliate marketer, “marketer” being the operative word. An affiliate, without a shadow of a doubt will have to do some marketing in order to make sales. So to answer the question specifically, affiliates are going to have to do some affiliate marketing.

There are multiple ways to market products online. Some affiliates utilize social media marketing, email marketing, and YouTube video marketing to get the sales that generate their commissions. You could even do cold-calling.

What if an Affiliate doesn’t know how to get sales?

If affiliate marketing is something that you really wanna do to make a little extra cash, then we can only suggest you enroll in a very affordable affiliate marketing training program. You can find one HERE.

What is the commission rate for National Notice Record Affiliates?

Usually, at this point is where most brands start making a very fancy excuse on why they’re only willing to pay you a measly 3-4% commission. In my experience, such a low commission rate is a total smack in the face, unless the product is selling for $1M. Therefore, National Notice Record wants to pay you a whopping 33% commission on all of our recording services.

Why an Affiliate Program?

As has been stated in our recently published content, people, Moors specifically, are facing Joe Biden’s inflation. So to answer the question as thoroughly as possible, it must be answered in the following 3 parts.

  1. The National Notice Record Affiliate Program enables us to help Moors make money with us. We are sure that the extra money can be very useful, if not needed.
  2. Not only does the affiliate program allow us to help Moors keep a little money in their pockets, it also helps Moorish Nationality Card Services and National ID Card Supply keep their prices friendly for as long as possible during these tumultuous times under the Biden regime.
  3. Lastly, the National Notice Record Affiliate Program allows us to exponentially expand our brand through the hard work of the affiliates.

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