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The Time Greyhound Accepted My Moorish National Identification Card

Peace and love, Moors! We at Moorish Nationality Card Services hope all is well on your side. I just wanted to drop a quick post to further drive home the point that studying is a must if you’re going to be successful with your national identification cards. There are too many Moors with nationality cards who’re getting into trouble and then blaming who they got the i.d. from for their legal woes. If you’re purporting yourself to be a Moorish national identification card carrying Moor, then you need to be competent of your rights and the laws that support you carrying a Moorish nationality card. This stands doubly if you encounter with policy enforcers. They’ve been trained to view you as an anti-government “sovereign citizen”, an outlaw, a combative threat. So ALWAYS be sure to use an “intelligent tone”.


In the video below, I explain how I had a brief encounter at the Detroit Greyhound Bus Station. I encountered a bus driver who used to be a policy enforcer. When presenting my Moorish national identification card to him, he immediately told me to stand aside. He obviously needed to board the other passengers. Watch the video below as I go into further detail.

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And another one………

Here is another video of an experience I had using my Moorish nationality card while procuring services from Greyhound. This video is very short, but I’m confident you’ll get the point.


As you can see, I’ve had no issues taking several trips with Greyhound using my Moorish national identification card. When you purchase an online ticket from Greyhound, you must print it out and present identification to the bus driver along with your ticket in order to verify your identity to gain access to the bus. I’ve gone through this process many times, as I’m sure other STUDIED Moors have as well.


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