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Stacey Abrams: Georgia Officials REFUSING to Honor American Constitution?

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All too often, Moorish American Nationals have to come across some European Christian colonizer’s descendant’s absurd rhetoric in their Christian colonizer media outlets, doing what they did 400 years ago when the aboriginals would speak out against their Roman enterprising, by criminalizing the colonized. These devilish acts, carried out by outlets such as the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the “Anti” Defamation League (ADL), use terms to describe the Aboriginal Moors of America as including but not limited to “anti-government“, “extremists“, “paper terrorists“, etc. What we at P.I.O.T. TV find to be strange is that when you look at the legal documents filed on public record at several “courts” throughout the so-called United States by Moors, you’ll see that the Moorish American Nationals (Moors) are using constitutional language.

They (Moorish American Nationals) are ALWAYS quoting the American and State constitutions. They are always quoting congressional records, human rights charters, international law and longstanding treaties that are still active to this very day. One of the biggest complaints that Moors (Moorish American Nationals) have is the FACT that they CANNOT get these selected officials to honor and uphold the same exact constitutional principles they affirmed or swore they would when they took office. Let us not forget that the Supreme Law of the Land IS the American constitution and attached Treaties.

That is why JudahSon is reacting to this video of one-time candidate for Georgia Governor, Stacey Abrams, clearly stating that she is having the same exact issue that the so-called “sovereign citizen” Moorish American Nationals are having, and that is, getting ELECTED OFFICIALS to DEFEND, HONOR and UPHOLD the constitution they affirmed or swore to DEFEND, HONOR and UPHOLD. Stacey Abrams, in a way, has said that these Georgia elected officials are derelicts in their duty. They are not honoring the Supreme Law of the Land, of which Moors speak so highly of. This is nothing short of wilfully committing acts of Treason against the true Americans. We feel you, Sister Stacey Abrams.

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