Shipping Policy

Moorish Nationality Card Services

1.) Allow up to 7-10 business days before you’ll receive your card(s) in the mail.

2.) Shipping comes with tracking and we do ship internationally.

3.) If your card(s) is/are sent back to us after we’ve shipped your card(s) to the mailing location you’ve provided on the Moorish nationality card form, you’ll be financially responsible for the reshipping of the card. No refunds shall be granted for that particular issue. We will kindly reship the card once you have covered the re-shipping costs of $10 ($5 for shipping + $5 for our time). Therefore to avoid this, make sure you provide us with the correct mailing location.

4.) Once we get ready to ship your order, we want to make it clear that we ship to the name on the card ONLY. If you are who you say you are, then be that.

5.) We do not offer expedited shipping in order to meet any special dates or upcoming events. Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency for us.

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