Refund Policy

Moorish Nationality Card Services

General Refund Policy:

  1. Our services are not for the benefit of the public or those outside of Moors, which is why for our protection, anyone who pays for our services MUST be prudent in returning their private service affidavit. If the form and affidavit are NOT returned within 10 days of payment, you will have abandoned your purchase and no refund will be granted. Furthermore, we will not be asking for ANY permission to access documents that are supposed to be directly emailed to us with the files attached to the email, no permissions needed. If you provide your documentation to us in that manner, it means you have not provided us with the proper materials to make your document, and the 10-day policy stands. We reserve the right to notify you or not notify you of your failure to provide us with the necessary materials needed to make your card, as we have been prudent in making sure our directions are made readily available to you after purchase, and that they’re clear and concise. Therefore, we suggest you thoroughly follow the simple directions made available to you for download after purchase. Upon your initiation of a dispute for this issue, your payment shall be used as proof of your agreement with this policy whether you have knowledge of this policy or not. This policy has also been made readily available to ANYONE who traverses this website.
  2. We do issue refunds when we’ve failed to send your card(s) within 60 days from the date of you providing us with your form and affidavit. If your card is not received in the within 60 days from the date of you emailing us your form and affidavit, contact us via email prior to filing a complaint with our payment processor. Sometimes we do get backed up and overwhelmed. We usually throw in an extra card or two for the inconvenience.
  3. If your card(s) is/are sent back to us after we’ve shipped your card(s) to the mailing location you’ve provided on the Moorish nationality card form, you’ll be financially responsible for the reshipping of the card. No refunds shall be granted for that particular issue. We will kindly reship the card once you have covered the re-shipping cost.
  4. If for some reason you don’t receive your card(s) after we’ve shipped the order(s), if we can provide proof of shipping via a tracking number, the only option you will have is to place a new order. No refunds will be issued for this matter.
  5. We may send you a final proof of the card by email. If you approve the card’s final proof, any error you find after receiving the card will not be eligible for exchange or refund. If you would like the errors corrected, you can re-purchase a brand new card.
  6. We do not process arbitrary refund requests. An arbitrary refund request is when buyers ask for a refund for a reason outside of an error we may have made that would cause such a request. If we do reluctantly grant such an arbitrary refund request, there will be a 33.3% refund processing fee. We are not a depository set to temporarily hold your funds. Buyer beware.
  7. We reserve our right to change and/or update this policy at our will without notifying you of any changes and/or updates to this policy. – UPDATED 06/25/2018 9:26 AM


Digital Product Refund Policy:

1.) The digital products sold by Moorish Nationality Card Services are NON – REFUNDABLE. The reason for this is because once you purchase a digital product from us, you are immediately given instant access to the product, and once said access is granted it cannot be taken back. You will ALWAYS have access to the product. Therefore be mindful before making your decision to purchase.

2.) The are other digital products by other vendors that are and/or will be promoted within the pages of our shop. Those digital products have refund protection policies that are governed by their relative merchants. Those policies usually guarantee a 30-60 day refund period. – UPDATED 05/19/2018 7:55 PM

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