Moorish Nationality Card Services

Be advised that this site is for Moors and the other olive-hued aboriginal Moors of the earth ONLY! If you register for a private account with us, and we find that you are not a Moor, you will be subject to penalty by the fullest extent of the law, for an act of fraud, and unlawful intrusion. By making an account with us, you agree to these terms, conditions, and policies thereof. Furthermore, by viewing any content on this website, you automatically agree to the following.

  1. I solemnly affirm that I have no ill intent towards Moorish Nationality Card Services, its ministers/missionaries, nor the Moors’ divine and national movement, and am not an agent of any municipal/county/state/federal entities, and not a willful. party to ANY of their investigations on Moors. I am NOT COINTELPRO.
  2. I solemnly affirm that I am a Moor and that I follow one of the many Moorish faiths.
  3. I solemnly affirm that my Moorish national identification card will be my private religious property and that said property is protected by my freedom of religion.
  4. I solemnly affirm that I know Moorish Nationality Card Services’ religious membership does not come with legal help/legal representation if my Moorish national identification card is seized by any agent of any municipal/county/state/federal entities. I hold Moorish Nationality Card Services harmless.
  5. I solemnly affirm these statements to be the truth, and if they are not, I shall be held liable to the full extent of the law for including, but not limited to fraud.


  1. Be advised, we cannot guarantee that the barcodes on the enhanced identification cards can be scanned by every commercial establishment you come into contact with. Nor can we guarantee that you will not experience any technical difficulties related to the barcodes. There is nothing we can do if your smartphone camera does not properly scan the barcode. There are unforeseeable technological factors that we don’t have any control over.


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