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President Issues Executive Order to the MSTA

United States of America Republic President, C. Cannon – Bey, recently issued an Executive Order to the MSTA. The Executive Order is calling for all of MSTA to unite under one “vine and fig tree”. I assume this is due to the schism that has existed between the many Moorish Science Temples of America for several years.

Page 1 of Executive Order issued to MSTA by President C. Cannon – Bey


Unbeknownst to many, the MSTA (Moorish Science Temple of America) is not one unified body. It is similar to the thousands of McDonald’s franchises scattered all throughout the so-called United States. Though they carry the same name and serve the same food, the only thing that connects them is the name and the food (doctrine). Hell, sometimes the doctrines are different, even contrary to one another.

Another example of this is the existence of the several Christian denominations throughout the world. They all claim to be Christians, followers of Jesus the Christ; yet their doctrinal differences cause them to branch off into Baptist/Southern Baptist, Seventh Day Adventists, Mormons, African Methodist Episcopal, Catholicism, etc.

Another issue that is alleged to exist between the several different MSTA bodies is that members of the different temples have alleged that some Moorish Science Temples have bad paperwork. This means the temples were not lawfully established with a de jure charter and/or their charter is a forgery. I, of course, can’t leave out the F.B.I. files that evidence a tumult within the temple going back to the early-mid 1900s.

Page 2 of Executive Order issued to MSTA by President C. Cannon – Bey

These above existing conditions have led to several rifts. It has been alleged that there can be 2 MSTA buildings right around the corner from one another, yet, the congregations do not congregate. All over the internet you can find videos of members from different Moorish Science Temples of America, speaking ill of one another.


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United States of America Republic President, Christopher Cannon – Bey, Brings ALL Moorish Science Temple of America (MSTA) Grand Sheiks up in charges in this video.

Even with all those issues still existing for the several MSTA bodies, President C. Cannon – Bey saw fit to utilize his Presidential authority to get the ball rolling on a national unity effort. So, props to him. Even still, I, just like many other Moors, am very well aware of what some Moors think of President Cannon – Bey’s demonstration with the United States of America Republic (USAR).

An executive order is a declaration by the president or a governor which has the force of law, usually based on existing statutory powers. They do not require any action by the Congress or state legislature to take effect, and the legislature cannot overturn them.
Page 3 of Executive Order issued to MSTA by President C. Cannon – Bey

United States of America Republic is a Moorish body politic, a corporate entity operating in governmental fashion, hence the title, President for C. Cannon – Bey. Due to USAR being a corporate creature of the corporate state where it was established, many Moors feel it is not a de jure government (Google ‘Clearfield Doctrine’ and ‘Hale v. Henkel’). This leaves the question, will President Cannon – Bey’s executive order have the force of law? Respectfully, we shall see.

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