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Not Many Gold Standard Enhanced Moorish National Identification Cards Left

Our newly designed Gold Standard Enhanced Moorish Nationality Card order slots are dwindling down. From taking a brief look at our analytics, it appears that plenty Moors want this particular national identification card. The issue with that is that we are only going to issue out 13 Gold Standard cards. After that, we are either going to discontinue the Gold Standard national identification card, or we’re going to exponentially increase the price of it. Either way, you don’t wanna be the Moor on the losing end of those two spectrum. Luckily for some of you Moors, there a bunch of Moors who’re unnecessarily having an issue with the website when trying to process their payments. We say “unnecessarily” because the technical issue that Moors are suffering from is nothing more than a simple user error. We’ve proven this in the video we’ve provided below by walking you through the actual ordering process.


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Moorish Nationality Card Services
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