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Noble Drew Ali Issues Correction to Grand Sheiks: MSTA vs Taj Tarik Bey

We know without the shadow of a doubt that the video of Taj Tarik Bey being “issued a correction” by Grand Sheiks of the Moorish Science Temple of America, Incorporated at the Day of Remembrance convention has now made its rounds. We’re sure that the Moorish Science Temple of America, Incorporated Temple Number 34 YouTube Channel has even garnered quite a few new subscribers and views.

JudahSon goes on further to use the words of the Noble Prophet Drew Ali to disprove the erroneous statement made by one of the Grand Sheiks. This particular Grand Sheik, who is supposed to be a Grand Sheik of one of the several Moorish Science Temples of America at Detroit Michigan; states that being a Moor in the MSTA is different from being a Moor in America. Let’s see what Prophet Noble Drew Ali has to say about that.

This is one of the default benefits that come with creating content based around Taj Tarik Bey, good or bad. Anyhow, in this particular video clip, JudahSon, or Chief Content Creator, reacts to a statement made in error made by one of the Grand Sheiks who he feels socially ambushed Taj Tarik Bey at the Day of Remembrance convention.


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