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Moorish Science for the Irate Hebrew Israelite

Have you ever been holding a great conversion on Moorish Science, only to have your build rudely interrupted by an irate Hebrew Israelite? Well, I’ve seen it several times myself. In fact I may have even been that irate Hebrew Israelite. Simple and plain, the issue is religious controversy. So due to that, I created a 3-part video series entitled “Moorish Science for the Irate Hebrew Israelite”.

Why Moorish Science for the Irate Hebrew Israelite?

The Hebrew Israelite is one of the most dogmatic beings to walk the face of the earth. So dogmatic that there is no reasoning with them if you cannot convey your message in a way that is in full harmony with some specific scripture in the 1611 King James Version Bible. A majority of the Hebrew Israelites you come across on the internet are anti – Moorish Science, anti – Moors, anti themselves. All the while ignorant to the fact that Moorish Science encompasses the life of the Hebrew Israelite. Now, I must be fair in saying that not all Israelites are like this.

Why Do Some Hebrew Israelites Dislike Moorish Science?

Some Hebrew Israelites dislike Moorish Science because they are anti-Islam. Unfortunately, due to their limited knowledge on themselves, these specific Yisraelites think being a Moor means being a Muslim, a mu-sa-liym. They obviously have an issue with being “one of peace”. As I said before, it is a case of close-minded religious controversy.

How Can We Close the Gap?

The only way we can close the gap between Hebrew Israelites, Moors and Moorish Science is by utilizing the power of knowledge. If there is one thing I know that Israelites love outside of Yahuah, it is knowledge. The premise is that if Hebrew Israelites could see themselves in the equation, the religious controversy will be no more. So without further due, check out part 1 of “Moorish Science for the Irate Hebrew Israelite.

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