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Moor Comes Out With His OWN YouTube

Over 6 months ago JudahSon, formerly of the now-defunct JudahSon PIOT TV YouTube channel got severely fed up with having YouTube arbitrarily flag his videos, taking them down for violating some vague policy that larger channels got away with violating all the time.

He knew it would not be long before his channel was terminated, especially with being branded as an “extremist” by the hate group known as the Southern Law Poverty Center. The writing was clearly written on the wall. After coming to that conclusion, JudahSon decided that it was imperative that he gains more control over his content and where it is placed. That influenced the birth of Put It Out There TV, a Moor owned news and media/social media platform and will be partially used as an instrument to combat propganda that is being published on Moors. Register for an account, Moors!

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