How to Say “NO” When “They” Demand Your Moorish ID Card

If you wanna know how to say no when they demand your Moorish ID card, then you’re in the right place. All too often I hear about how Moors are having their Moorish ID cards unlawfully asked for and unlawfully seized. How are they being unlawfully asked for? Well, most of the time, policy enforcers have a bad habit of asking Moors and others to produce identification when there exists no Reasonable Articulate Suspicion of a crime being committed. That means that unless they suspect you of committing a specific criminal act and/or have witnessed you committing a criminal act, they have no probable cause for you to identify yourself. This is of course unless they want to wantonly violate the Supreme Law of the Land.

Without having that knowledge, a lot of Moors are going to continue to have their Moorish ID cards unlawfully seized by these policy enforcers. Some Moors are in such a rush to be able to run back to social media to flex their “Moorish victory” over the policy enforcer, they end up waiving their rights EVERY TIME. They find themselves in court, on the wrong side of POLICY every time. A large part of this is due to being able to parrot Taj Tarik Bey at an exceptionally high level, yet not actually study any law whatsoever.

You would be surprised at how many Moors I talk to who can quote Taj Tarik Bey when he speaks of constitutional principles, yet have no comprehension of those principles whatsoever. I usually respectfully tell them that a Moorish ID should be the last of their concerns at this point in their journey. This, of course, is no fault of Taj. For years Taj has been very specific that Moors should be studying the constitutional principles of which he so often speaks. Yet, somehow, Taj gets the blame for what simple-minded, grown ass men and women are doing.

Anyhow, without further due, this is how to say “NO” when they demand your Moorish ID card.

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