How to Get a Moorish Nationality Card

Being commissioned to produce the Moorish American nationality card for several Moors throughout the years, it has given us the opportunity to speak with thousands of Moorish American nationals. Most are astute and proficient in their studies. But, the one question that always prevails is “how to get a Moorish nationality card from us?”.

Am I Eligible for the Moorish National Identification Card?

It honestly depends. I even feel silly having to say this but, the most important prerequisite is that you must be a Moor. Strangely enough, you wouldn’t believe how many people purposely ignore the fact that the Moorish American ID card is solely for Moorish peoples. Several times we’ve had descendants of the pale-skin European nations arrogantly and audaciously try to commission us to produce a Moorish nationality card for them. Other than that, you must first be a Moor by bloodline – pedigree, here is a list of other prerequisites for you to obtain a Moorish id card.

  1. If you are a nationalized Moor who wants to procure our services for a Moorish American ID, you must first fill out our contact form here. We will contact you within 24-48 hours from filling out the form.
    • NOTE: The term Moor also includes those who identify as being Khemite, and Hebrew Israelite, etc.
  2. Before we contact you to let you know how to get a Moorish nationality card, please do your own due diligence on what the Moorish American ID is, what it does, if it makes them sovereign and how it can be used. The name of the Moorish national identification card says it all. It is simply an identification card.
    • Some Moors get us on the phone and they want a whole lesson on the Moorish ID card. They want to know what it is, how to use it, if it’s a drivers license, if it’s “legal”, etc.
    • If you are at the point of wanting to know how to get a Moorish nationality card, then you should already know what it is, what it does, thus, how to use the Moorish American ID card.
  3. When we contact you by phone, do not attempt to involve us in any of your legal affairs. Respectfully, our job is to tell you how to get a Moorish nationality card, NOT be your Moorish legal counsel.

Should I Proclaim My Nationality First?

Yes, you most definitely should declare and proclaim your Moor nationality before procuring a national identification card for Moors. After all, the Moorish national identification card is a summary of your Moorish proclamation documentation. Or you can look at the nationality documents as the long form version of your Moorish American National id card. Either way, they are both proclamations of your Moorish nationality. So, I guess it doesn’t matter which is done first, as long as both processes are completed. Proclaiming one’s nationality is paramount. Nationality is highest order of the day.

What is it Made Out Of?

The Moorish nationality cards that we are commissioned to produce are made with the same materials the Bureau of Motor Vehicles uses. In fact, the national identification cards we produce are made to meet the real id act criteria just as the identification cards that are produced by the Department of Motor Vehicles. In fact, the Moorish national id card look very similar to a state issued identification card and/or state id. Look at the image below to get a good idea of what a Moorish American national id can look like.

Image of the BMV-Styled Moorish national id card.
The Moorish national id pictured above, is the BMV-Styled nationality card. This is the one that Moors think is a “Moorish American Drivers License”. Let us be clear, this is NOT a Moorish American Drivers License. If you wanna know to get a Moorish Nationality Card like this one, keep reading.

For What Purposes Can the Nationality Card be Used?

That question is much better than “How do I use the Moorish American National id?”. Only for the simple fact that you would use the Moorish nationality card like any other identification card. For some reason, Moors complicate that to the highest order of complication. Anyhow, to answer the question, the Moorish id can be used in a plethora of ways. Below are just some of the ways of how the Moorish national id can be used.

  1. The Moorish national identification card can be used to procure a library card.
  2. The Moorish ID can be used to acquire and rent property.
  3. The Moorish nationality card can be used to open bank accounts.
  4. Procure Best Buy Tax Exempt Card
  5. Enter Bars and Clubs
  6. Purchase Alcoholic Beverages
  7. The Moor national card can be and has been used to travel by bus, plane, train, and across international borders. This of course cannot be a guaranteed experience for el Moors.
  8. The Moorish American nationality card can be used to perform Walmart to Walmart funds transfers.

Moor Uses ID for Walmart to Walmart

Can the Moorish Nationality Card be Used to Procure a Best Buy Tax Exempt Card?

Yes! If you’d like to get a Best Buy Tax Exempt card using your Moorish American National ID Card, you can indeed do that. As a matter of fact, watch the video below for proof.

Video showing Moor successfully procuring a Best Buy Tax Exempt Card using his Moorish American National ID

Should I Wear a Moorish Turban for the Photo on My ID?

Yes, we would suggest it for customary purposes. After all, a Fez, Tarboosh, Kufi, and Yarmulke are all Free National Moorish Headdresses. Some Moors prefer to wear the Moorish Turban. Others will have on their Fez with the Moorish Turban wrapped around it. It is quite stylish. But, if you wanna know how to get a Moorish nationality card from us without having a Moorish Turban, keep reading.

Do You Produce Moorish ID Cards for Moorish Government/Organizations?

Yes. If commissioned, we at Moorish Nationality Card services will produce national identification cards for Moorish governmental bodies and other organizations by and for Moors. We’ve had Moors who are Members of the Moorish Science Temple of America, Moorish American Consulate, and other Moorish bodies commission us to produce cards for them.

How to Contact Us to Get a Moorish Nationality Card from Us

If you’d like to get a Moorish Nationality Card from us, then you must fill out the contact form on the next page. We will not even talk to you unless the formed has been completely filled out.


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