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How I Used Religion to NOT Pay Sales Taxes for the LAST 7 YEARS!

With Grand Sheiks of the MSTA recently coming for Taj Tarik Bey, the hot topic of the MSTA being an Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3) religious organization has been laid on the chopping block to be surgically dissected and analyzed.

Though for us, at this point in time we care to only address the 501(c)(3) issue when it comes to Moors being taxed at the point of sale. Yes, the Moorish National Identification Card should be good enough to have sales taxes removed when making purchases.

Unfortunately, the success rate is not as high as Moors would like. We at Moorish Nationality Card Services may have found a fix for that, Moor!

In fact our Trustee, JudahSon, has been using his MOORISH HEBREW FAITH to NOT PAY SALES TAXES for the LAST 7 YEARS!

Watch the video below for more info!


[videopress ZJElfZWq]

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