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Grand Sheik Admits MSTA Hasn’t Used Saving Power for Over 80 Years?

Anyone who has access to the internet should now be well aware of the video floating around of Moorish Science Temple of America (MSTA), Incorporated Grand Sheiks having made an attempt to simultaneously correct and debate Taj Tarik Bey over what they consider to be “sovereign citizen” doctrine. This of course is the reason there is such a rift between Moors. Some Moors want to take their places in the affairs of men while others just want to posture and play church games, doing anything not to incur the wrath of the European Christian Colonizers and their minions.

What I find to be very strange is the fact that the leaders of the Moorish Science Temple of America have had 90 years to do what they were charged to do by the Prophet Noble Drew Ali after his passing, yet the negro issue still exists to this day, 2019. How could this be if these self-righteous Grand Sheiks and Moors following the Prophet’s law, then why does the negro issue still exist?

It is my assessment that if they had been doing their jobs for the last 90 years since the Prophet Noble Drew Ali passed form, Taj Tarik Bey wouldn’t have so much influence over their members. Just like the Grand Sheik who stated that Taj Tarik Bey’s civics lessons were like crack to Moors due to an absence, members of the Moorish Science Temple of America (MSTA) also sense that very same absence. In this reaction video, JudahSon of Put It Out There TV (PIOT TV) addresses the lack of civic activity by those leaders of the Moorish Science Temple of America who have sat back for the last 80 plus years and watched the negro issue fester as if a wound with the putrid infection of gangrene.


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