Facebook Caught Calling Moors Monkeys?

Far be it from Facebook to violate their own “community guidelines”. At least that’s what many naive people would think. But, who would’ve ever thought they’d see Facebook calling Moors primates? Well, that is exactly the case. The question that stands is if what Facebook considers a technical error was done on purpose.

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What technical error, you ask. Well, recently, Facebook has been exposed by one of its former employees for what some would call “racism”. This is due in part to Facebook’s system labeling any video pertaining to Moorish men under the “primate” category.

Considering the long history of Moors being called primates, i.e. monkeys, anyone can see how this can be taken the wrong way. Just the mere mention of Moors and monkeys can be taken in a derogatory fashion. No matter how majestic the Discovery Channel makes primates seem, Moors just ain’t with that.

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Anyhow, to save face, Facebook made a public, yet quiet apology. They made sure to place the blame on their artificial intelligence system. I guess the apology looks good for press. I guess we can’t expect them to suspend themselves for 7 days.

What’s the Origins of this “Monkey” Business?

Till this very day, the majority of so-called “black people” (unconscious Moors) don’t know why “they” started calling them primates. It can be traced back to the infamous “n-word”. You of course know I mean the word “niger”; “niger” as in “troglodyte niger”.

Many people who identify with being “black” either don’t know or are in denial on how niger, where “nigger” comes from, factually translates to “black”. Isn’t it ironic how so-called “black people” love being “black” yet, hate being called “nigger”? One is a fighting word, while the other is used as a pedigree identity. I always say “Doo-doo and shit are the same thing”.

The kicker about this “n-word”, of which you conscious Moors already know, is that the “troglodyte niger” is in fact a chimpanzee, a monkey, a primate. So you can see, those who branded Moors as “black”, were very cunning in their machinations.

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