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RV Bey Publications Moorish Nationality Card Different from Ours.

With Moorish nationality cards being an important service we offer to Moors, I get to speak with a lot of Moors throughout the week. The one question they always ask is “How RV Bey Publications Moorish Nationality Card is different from ours”?

The difference between our Moorish nationality card(s) and the Moorish i.d. Cards made by RV Bey Publications is that we have a selection of nationality cards for Moors to choose from. When it comes to Moorish Nationality Card Services, Moorish American Nationals (Moors) have a plethora of options to choose from. This is not something that RV Bey Publications can say. We would essentially have to take their ONE card and compare it to our 3-4 Moorish nationality card designs. But since we’ve been asked, we shall do our best to answer the question.

About those “Plethora of Options”?

Yes, we have a plethora of options. At Moorish Nationality Card services we have several different cards to choose from. We offer identification cards such as the Basic Enhanced Moorish National Identification Card, The Great Seal Circle 7 Shield of David Enhanced Moorish Nationality Card, The Aboriginal American Tribal Right to Work Card, and The BMV-Styled enhanced Moorish nationality card. RV Bey Publications on the other hand, only offers one(1) Moorish nationality card. The card that RV BEY Publications offers is what we would respectfully call basic. It goes for $45, while our basic Moorish national identification card goes for $25. That is a major $20 difference between their national identification card and ours. See our Basic Moorish Nationality Card HERE!

Why is your Basic Moorish Nationality Card Only $25 while RV Bey Publications’ is $45?

Honestly, the Basic Moorish Nationality Card offered by us and RV Bey Publications will be obsolete by 2020 A.D. Roman Calendar Year. This is because the basic Moorish national identification cards lack barcodes, thus making them non-compliant with the Real ID Act. This means that with all that “article 3” court stuff Moors just love to talk, they WILL NOT be able to enter into those federal buildings without an identification card that is REAL I.D. ACT compliant. That also means that a lot of Moors will not be able to properly acquire the lawful remedies they may be in pursuit of. That’s why we decided to make our $20 cheaper.

Why Still Offer the Basic Nationality Card if it Will be Obsolete by 2020?

Well, we still off the basic nationality card because there are a lot of Moors who are anti-barcode. They dogmatically believe that if they have barcodes on their id cards, they are acquiescing to being a commercial entity. So we have to make sure we procure their business. Even still, we make it our business to thoroughly advise them of the 2002 deadline.

Why does Moorish Nationality Card Services Offer So Many Options?

We offer the many options we offer in order to stay competitive with the many different Moorish services that are in the same exact niche we are in. After sifting through all the links we and RV Bey Publications have in the search engines, you will see that there a few other Moors who offer a very similar service. A simple Google search will also show you that mostly everyone’s Moorish nationality cards look very similar. We prefer to stand out instead of stand in.

Are You Working on Any Other Moorish National Identification Card Designs?

Yes, we are always thinking of new designs to come up with, especially since the internet is now running rampant with a bunch of plagiarizers. Some have even taken it upon themselves to take photos that are owned by our trust in order to advertise their services. Therefore, we must make sure we create new designs in order to deter the copy-cats.

Real ID Act Compliant?

Yes, in order for a Moorish national identification card or any identification card to be Real ID Act compliant, it must contain electronically scannable features such as the magnetic strip and/or the code 128 and pdf 417 barcodes on the backs of them. They are placed there for security purposes and to make sure the card is not altered by someone with will intent. At the so-called United States, if your identification card is not compliant, certain services such as getting on a plane and traveling from one state to the other will no longer be made available to you according to my research. From what I’m told, RV Bey Publications is anti-barcode, which means ANY Moorish American National/Moor who is utilizing the basic national identification card issued to them by RV Bey Publications should expect life to become a little more difficult.

Whose Nationality Card is Better, Yours or RV Bey Publications?

We usually like to leave that up to the Moors out there to make that decision. For what it is worth, many Moors who’ve procured cards from RV Bey Publications have also procured Moorish nationality cards from us. They’ve even advised us that they wished they would’ve come across our national identification cards first. At Moorish Nationality Card services we try to stand out by actually getting on the phone and speaking with Moors, answering their questions that they have about their new nationality cards and certain situations they may have to deal with while using their cards. Not only that, but we use top of the line materials, also using some of the same exact suppliers that the State BMV/DMVs use.

Are You in Competition with RV Bey Publications?

That’s actually a tricky question. I guess if I had to answer that question, the answer would be yes and no. We are NOT in competition with RV Bey Publications for any specific physical location or territory. Based on our observations, RV Bey Publications doesn’t have the online marketing knowledge that we have. Things like video-marketing, social media interaction and search engine optimization is not apart of RV Bey Publications’ business practices. On the other hand, we are in competition with RV Bey Publications for keywords. With that being said, we create more than enough content to make sure that when people go looking for Moorish national identification cards that Moorish Nationality Card Services will indeed pop up in the search engines.


As long as we continue to create quality content and quality Moorish national identification cards, we won’t have to worry about the difference between between the Moorish identification card made by Moorish Nationality Card Services and the national id cards made by RV Bey Publications. Furthermore, if they fail to begin to produce identification cards that are Real ID Act compliant, they’ll have themselves to compete with.

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