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Caught Him Selling Our $20 Moorish ID Cards for $300

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Would you believe it if I told you that a Moor has been selling our $20 Moorish ID for $300? Well, it’s true! This Moor has been taking advantage of our promotional offers, profiting handsomely from them. Right now, he’s making a $280 PROFIT from EVERY SALE! We, ourselves, wouldn’t charge $300 for a Moorish ID. On the other hand, we can’t get mad at the Moor’s industrious ingenuity. He’s essentially created an unofficial Affiliate Dropshipping Program, and has us working for him. 

That’s When the Light Went On

We thought to ourselves that “More Moors should be doing this!”. We also recognized the fact that we would have to let Moors know that they no longer had to be sneaky about making money selling our Moorish National ID Cards without our knowledge. We know that times are hard out here for everyone. So, listen as this video explains how you can make money with Moorish Nationality Card Services.

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Moorish Nationality Card Services

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Moorish Nationality Card Services
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