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Can Citizens Be “Sovereign”?

I’m sure you’ve heard the infamous term, “sovereign citizen”. It is heavily shrouded in negative-connotation and controversy. So much so that those who’ve been identified by colonizer-media outlets as “sovereign citizens”, do their best to stay away from being identified as such. This, of course, includes myself. But since we’re talking about “sovereign citizens”, I dare to ask; can citizens be sovereign?

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Most Moors, having a limited comprehension of what a citizen actually is, would answer with a hard “no”. That’s usually due to the fact they think that citizens can only be subjects. These are the same people who will tell you that “The highest level of citizenship is National”. This unfortunately causes confusion.

It causes Moors to think that a “citizen” and a “national” are two different things. I, myself, was under the same persuasion. 1 week ago, if you were to ask me “Can citizens be sovereign?”, I would’ve said “no”. Now, I’m not so sure, hence, “The Sovereign Citizen Theory”. Basically, I could be wrong, and I’m fine with that. I always tell Moors that I am a student just as they are. I’m still learning while on this plane of flesh.

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