Moorish National Identification Card

And “They” Said These Moorish National Identification Cards Don’t Work……

All too often we civic/ juristic minded Moors hear about how that loud mouth, over-animated, big chinned, naysayer Moor that looks like a character off of “Family Guy”says that the national identification card does not work or that the Moorish nationality card is “unlawful” or “fake”, a vestige of the European “sovereignty movement”. The ones who’re usually spewing this type of venomous rhetoric are almost always members of a 501(c)(3) Moorish Science Temple of America, where civics and jurisprudence are rarely ever a topic of educational discussion, all the while talkin’ that “the Prophet said” manure. So what does that mean? That simply means that “they” don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. After all, the 100 year old Moorish nationality card they’re carrying has yet to transform in their pockets. Even worse, they have corporate state of “quasi” nationality card that still has the slave master’s last name on it, and if not that, they went to the surrogate court to get paid permission from a European to annex their El, Dey, Bey, Al to their colonial surname, all the while NOT enforcing the American constitution like “the Prophet said”.

I myself have been using a national identification card since 2011. Rarely have I had an issue while using my national identification card, and if I did, the issue was usually amicably resolved, as my identification card would end up be accepted and acknowledged as a lawful form of i.d., and the services would be rendered. In fact, I’ve opened up bank accounts, opened up 2 merchant accounts with PayPal, received Walmart to Walmart funds transfers, received funds via Money Gram, procured library cards, and rented properties while utilizing my i.d. I’ve even had my Moorish nationality card unlawfully seized without a warrant by a policy enforcer, only to have my national identification card placed right back into my possession after speaking with a European magistrate. He was actually impressed with my Moorish nationality card. I honestly think they, the legal opposition, were even more impressed with how I was able to defend my right to carry my national identification card, as I was able to present law that supported my position. That’s why my philosophy is that the nationality card is only as good or as useful as the Moor who is carrying the nationality card. You can’t take a karate class and then blame the teacher when you get your ass kicked.

Ilataza Ban Yasharahla El

Moorish Nationality Card Services


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Moorish Nationality Card Services

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Moorish Nationality Card Services


Moorish Nationality Card Services
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